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We needed this day to regroup before we started our trek back up to Seattle.

Top on list for Jeff.  Resurface the roof of the motor home because he was going to stop the leak we had one way or another.

IMG_3448     IMG_3450     IMG_3449


Top on the kids list. Swimming and a fashion show with all of the clothes that were given to us by a couple in Wyoming.  You may ask why we were given clothes?  I am still asking the same questions and have been pondering how to write about our experience with this couple without sounding too negative.  But here you will get see the wool clothing that was given to us in case a sudden ice age hits.

IMG_3431     IMG_6202


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Top on my list.  Check out this place called Runyon Canyon.  I made it there…well just outside the gate.  There are no pictures to show of Runyon Canyon.  The only picture I have of this day is the insurance car of the truck I backed into while trying to turn around.  Always remember to shift the car to drive when moving forward.  Reverse takes you to places you never need to be, especially when most of LA is watching you.  I never did make through those gates of Runyon Canyon, next time.  And the drive home… that’s a whole other story.  People talk about the traffic in LA but for me I had a hard time keeping up with the insanely fast pace.  Pure and simple… driving in LA sucked for me!


We are headed back north, with the sights and smells of Interstate 5 right by our sides.

This smell… like no other I have experienced thus far on this cross country adventure.  It silenced my family of 6 as we all pinched our noses and held our breath.

IMG_6257     IMG_6254


A few more sights…

IMG_6262     IMG_6263


We are anxious to get back north where the water is fresh and lands are green and lush.  But we leave here with a new attitude about clean water.  As we saw dying farms and dusty dry lands it prompted much conversation around this natural resource called water.   We take it for granted that when we turn our faucets on and water our lawns that water will always be there.  California is hurting, farms are dwindling, farmers have no work.  I don’t have a solution to this problem but what I do know is that this entire country relies on California for much of their produce.  Praying for a miracle!