A few life lessons:

1.  Spending the night in a Walmart parking lot is not much different than a campground.  You are among a sea of fellow travelers.  But I will say I prefer a campground.

2.  Snow does not look pretty when camping in a Walmart parking lot.

3. 29 degrees doesn’t feel so bad when you have a killer view to go with it.

4.  There is no such thing as a quick game of UNO with 6 people.

5. Puzzles and moving RVs, not a good combo.

6. Tracking down a UPS store in the middle of WY to pick up our van mirror replacement is not as easy as you may think.


Top of the Bighorn Mountain Pass and our first encounter with snow.


Top of the pass



Using the good utensils to chip away ice.

Excitement over doing donuts with an RC car on ice.


Looking for fresh snow to make ice cream.

Who needs ice cream?



I think Freya wants some.

Mountain made chocolate ice cream.


I didn’t supervise this ice cream project.  I was outside helping Jeff replace the van mirror.  I do know that the sugar container was practically empty when I found it.



The views during this drive were spectacular!  There are 2 passes over the Bighorn Mountains and apparently this is the less scenic of the 2.  After being quite impressed with this one I can’t wait to someday see the other one.