It has been an emotional roller coaster… moments of excitement and moments of shear fear and terror.  I often need to remind myself (or my husband and kids remind me) that we are living a dream I’ve had for a long, long time… RV’ing across the U.S.A while homeschooling (aka roadschooling) my 4 children.

We had an ETA of 1pm which quickly was switched to 3pm which in reality was 6pm.  We left our Jersey Shore home and headed to North Jersey for a quick stop at the in-laws, who live in the suburbs of New York City (the greatest city in the world… in my opinion). On the way we hit a bird and killed it (well really it hit us), realized cabinets should not be opened while the vehicle is in motion, and that driving an RV towing a mini van in the dark in the tri-state area is kind of a drag.

On the plus side, we scored this bike from my in-laws for Kenzie, who was in desperate need of a bike.  A 1976 Schwinn with a banana seat.  She is in heaven.



But if there is one take away from today it is this:  Our culture, always rushing.  Rushing, scheduling, rushing, planning, rushing, organizing, rushing coordinating.  I’m not saying these things are always wrong.  It is just that this RV life style is drastically different.  When I start rushing around because that is what is engrained in me to do, I stop a moment and ask myself, why/what am I rushing for and/or toward?  I want to embrace this slow and steady journey as each day brings a new light and a new adventure, not always knowing what city or state we will rest our heads.